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SSH Tunnel for Firefox to surf securely


September 4, 2012 by admin

Creating a SSH Tunnel for Firefox to surf securely!A ssh tunnel for Firefox to a remote computer is good security measure. Especially when connecting via an untrusted network like a wifi hotspot or other public networks. The tunnel encrypts and sends the data to your remote machine then it is sent over the web to your destination. This tutorial assumes you have an account on a remote machine you can ssh into. This is a pretty easy set up.
Now all you need to do is login your remote computer that you have access to with SSH then issue this 1 command:
ssh -D 9999 -C

The -D switch – Specifies a local “dynamic” application-level port forwarding. We are also adding the -C switch for compression.

Next we need to put the settings into Firefox.

Firefox> Edit> Preferences> Advanced tab> Network tab> Settings button.

Select Manual proxy configuration
SOCKS Host: localhost Port: 9999
No Proxy for: localhost,

Note: Sometimes localhost can cause a problem. If your settings are right and it still is not working replace localhost with


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